The Best-in Class Solutions in Obtaining and Maintaining PCI Compliancy

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) and their Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS)-- Assistance and Consultation:
NCBP provides guidance meeting and maintaining PA-DSS compliance.

Upgrading to the latest software version required on the PA-DSS validated list does not make a site compliant. There are 12 minimum requirements, often referred to as the 'Digital Dozen' that must all be achieved to receive compliancy certification.

PCI PA-DSS Is Not Going Away: PA-DSS listings of software versions are valid for one year. PCI requires an annual revalidation, merchants processing Credit Cards should set their expectations that in order to maintain their contractual agreements with the Credit Card Issuers, an upgrade to the latest version of software may be required on a 12 to 24 month cycle.

Our network protection solutions, including solutions from Dell SonicWALL and Webroot, can dramatically simplify compliance with PCI/PA-DSS requirements!  Click here to learn more about how NCBP can help you comply easier.