OUR VISION Drive innovation to become the nation’s leading retail technology partner.

OUR MISSION Develop innovative solutions and services targeted at customer’s business needs.  Build customers’ business through progressive solutions encompassing technologies, professional services and responsive support. Expand our success with customer service dedication and expansion across the country. 

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Users can use echo to:
  • Review sales vitals and standard KPIs, and sort of filter by a number of key metrics (net sales, number of transactions per day, sales by touchpoint, average basket size)
  • Dig deeper with year over year comparisons at any level in the organization. (ie. Corp, region, store)
  • Quickly find stores and departments that are pulling or lifting sales
Put ECHO to work - Possitively Impact your store operations—and your bottom line
  • Business growth and increased sales: Visibility into sales performance, store operations, and store associate productivity
  • Operational efficiency and time savings: No need to call store staff or review outdated reports to understand sales performance. Get all the information you need to address any store challenge in real time, right on your mobile device
Product highlights
  • POS agnostic: Capture data from multiple location on multiple POS systems
  • Intuitive Dashboard: A snapshot of sales performance year over year 
  • Sales Performance: Direct insights into daily sales, hourly sales, customer traffic and more, with the ability to drill down for more detail

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