By identifying and focusing exclusively on consumers that have a documented history of shopping at a retailer's store, Sale Fish can deliver the retailers' sale ads with greater efficiency than e-mail and at pennies on the dollar when compared to traditional print & mail.

Sale Fish does not require a consumer to install any mobile app and it works with the mobile device(s) they already own.

Test Message Marketing
Sale Fish ad are sent via text message and enjoy nearly a 100% read rate vs less than a 25% read rate for email. When it comes to distributing your sales ad, there's really no comparison to the performance of text message marketing. 

How It Works 
  1. Digital Sales Ads: Customers opt-in at the check stand mounted kiosk to receive your sales ad via text message.
  2. Mystery Coupons: Turn your slowest day into a busy day with a scratch-off style Mystery Coupon.
  3. Digital Punch Card Rewards: Keep your customers coming back with a digital points-based check-in reward.
  4. Digital Raffle Tickets: Engage your customers with the fun and excitement of a Digital Raffle Ticket.

Features & Benefits
  • Free check stand-mounted tablet kisosk(s) means no hardware to buy
  • Private, user-friendly web portal to upload promotions in under 5 minutes
  • Communicate directly with your customers any time you like with incredible results
  • Eliminate or reduce sale ad mailing expenses
  • Reach customers with maximum efficiency