A strategic weapon: electronic labeling at the point of sale
3/7/2014 | .pdf | 8 MB

This rail is part of the R5 range: more comfort (rounded edges), more options and still the best protection of the label through the fixing system Easylock.
3/7/2014 | .pdf | 304 KB

A perfect readability for shoppers, the best enhanced commercial efficiency for retailers: the advantages of the G-tag graphic range benefit everyone and ensure that it performs better than rival solutions. G-tag labels come in three formats, they consume little energy and they substantially reduce operating costs.
3/7/2014 | .pdf | 1 MB

Suitable for gondola shelves, the S-tag range provides shoppers with perfect price readability. It also facilitates operational management processes, thus giving retailers an opportunity to enhance their sales strategy.
3/7/2014 | .pdf | 1 MB

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