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Grocery stores are grappling with unprecedented challenges and uncertainty this year, but there’s one thing that remains the same: Customers want the convenience of self-service checkouts.
For example, a 2018 report by PYMNTS.com found that 71% of consumers have used self-checkouts in supermarkets, and a survey by SOTI, an IOT and mobile device management firm, found that 73% of shoppers prefer retail self-service technologies over engaging with store associates.
With the dangers of COVID-19 this year, we’re seeing an even stronger emphasis on self-service as a way to minimize contact with grocery store associates. As a point-of-sale technology provider for leading grocery stores across the country, we’ve been helping many of our clients implement more self-checkout lanes and optimize their traditional checkouts for faster and more contactless service.
Given these trends, self-checkouts should be a focal point of every grocery store’s future strategy.
The big advantages for consumers are increased checkout speed and convenience, and grocery stores benefit by being able to reassign more store associates to provide curbside pickups, deliveries, or mobile customer service.
Self-checkouts can also help minimize physical contact between customers and store associates, and with the use of floor stickers and signs, they can be used to help ensure social distancing.
However, it’s also important to remember that self-checkouts have to function well, otherwise they can get in the way of the speed and convenience customers want.
For example, a recent report by RetailWire found that nearly 80% of consumers needed assistance at least once during their self-checkout experience, and almost 30% were pulled aside by store associates to check their purchases.
This is why our team at North Country has been working with grocery stores to implement Zebra’s MP7000 grocery scanner scale. It’s a more user-friendly and efficient scanner and scale that can be used in both traditional checkout lanes and for self-checkouts.
Zebra’s solution combines multi-plane 1D/2D bioptic imaging with advanced scanning performance and simplicity that helps speed up and error-proof checkout processes for maximum convenience.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the MP7000’s key features and capabilities, and why it’s our top recommended solution for self-service checkout scanning, weighing, and much more.
  • The MP7000 is easily installed and configured for self-checkout lanes.
  • It delivers instant “swipe-and-go” scanning for faster checkouts.
  • The MP7000 scans 1D/2D barcodes on paper, loyalty cards, or electronic screens.
  • It captures damaged, smudged, and poorly printed barcodes in virtually any condition.
  • The MP7000 is also available with an optional customer-side scanner for contactless self-service scanning while cashiers use the main scanner for traditional checkouts.
  • Store staff can also use the MP7000 scanner to capture check images, receipts, utility bills, and even scan items not on file.
  • There are three models to fit any cash wrap for minimal installation time and cost.
  • The MP7000 consumes 30% to 60% less power compared to competing imagers and laser scanners, so stores can save on energy costs.
  • Zebra has engineered the MP7000 with rugged, solid-sate durability and scratch-resistant Sapphire scanner glass to prevent costly damage and repairs.
  • The MP7000 has an easy-to-service design with fewer parts and components. There’s also a removable upper housing that doesn’t require any tools.
The MP7000 is easily combined with a self-service digital kiosk and point-of-sale software to help customers scan items faster and easier, without the headaches of failed scans or needing assistance from store staff.
To learn more about the MP7000 and find out how it can help you provide better self-checkouts, contact us today.