OUR VISION Drive innovation to become the nation’s leading retail technology partner.

OUR MISSION Develop innovative solutions and services targeted at customer’s business needs.  Build customers’ business through progressive solutions encompassing technologies, professional services and responsive support. Expand our success with customer service dedication and expansion across the country. 

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For more information on this transition please visit shift4.com/merchantlink/

By now, you may have received several communications from Shift4 Payments via email or registered mail stating your Merchant Link transaction gateway will be shut down at the end of the year (December 31, 2019).   North Country Business Products is an authorized Oracle/MICROS dealer. We are proud of our GOLD Oracle Partner level and our close Shift4 partnership.  
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North Country Business Products is one of largest Oracle–MICROS POS providers in the nation; we are an industry leading point-of-sale solutions provider delivering seamless solutions and services. Our responsive support and efficient hardware maintenance services provide peace of mind so you can focus on your business objectives.
Rest assured, the North Country Business Products team is ready to assist you migrating to the Shift4 Payments gateway. We have the resources and in-depth MICROS product experience to ensure your transition is successful with minimal impact to your daily business.

An Integrated Payment Solution
  • Shift4 is a Platinum Oracle Partner. 
  • No more gateway fees.
  • Free EMV equipment with warranty. Easy, fast and free replacement if they break.
  • SkyTabTM  the leading pay-at-the-table solution for restaurants, bars and the hospitality industry. 
  • Improved security: P2PE (Point-to-point encryption) and EMV -the best credit card security available. 
  • No more charge backs.
  • More up to-date offering by accepting NFC (Near Field Communications) like Apple Pay and Contact-less enabled credit cards.
  • No possibly of fraud related to unsecured payment. (Fraud incidents could cost a restaurant up to $100,000 in fines and penalties.)
We are here to help you migrate to this new platform.
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