• Use a micro-fiber cleaning cloth or soft towels
    • Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning materials   
  • Spray the cleaner onto the cleaning cloth/towel first and then wipe the surface to be cleaned
  • The cleaning cloth/towel should be damp but not soaked
    • The surface of the equipment should quickly air dry
    • In very humid environments a clean dry cloth/towel can be used to quickly dry the equipment
    • Do not soak the electronic equipment with cleaning liquid
  • You can leave the system powered on when cleaning surfaces used in normal operation, such as touch screen displays.
    • We do recommend the operator be logged off the POS applications while cleaning
    • Errant touch points are expected and normal during cleaning of touch screens while the touch screen remains wet
  • While cleaning surfaces not normally used during operation, we recommend shutting down and powering off the POS system
    • This is to prevent any issues with the typical moving/bumping of the system while cleaning
      • Bumps/impacts may damage systems with hard disk drives 
      • Cables to critical I/O devices may become unplugged
IMPORTANT: Cleaning of the interior of electronic equipment should only be performed by trained service personnel.

***Always consult manufacturers recomendations.

Equinox Hardware: Cleaning Instructions
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