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Protect, Analyze and Improve Your Store Securities

Protect your customers, your assets, and your competitive edge with a Security Solution from NCBP. Stop employee theft with a digital video system integrated to your point-of-sale (POS) system. Search video by transaction details (voids, no-sales, discounts, sweet-hearting, etc.) and investigate all in a matter of minutes. Reduced theft is money on your bottom line.

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OpenEye Security Solutions

OpenEye is an innovator in the business of designing and manufacturing digital video recorders and surveillance equipment for the security industry. Dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience through heroic customer service and support, OpenEye is known worldwide for quality products offering intuitive operation and ease of use.

OpenEye Recorders

OpenEye Recorders

OpenEye manufactures a broad range of recording solutions from embedded analog recorders to enterprise level network video systems and everything in between. OpenEye recorders can be configured to fit a wide range of applications and scaled from one system to hundreds. Select from one of the powerful recording solutions or take advantage of our free pre-sales engineering and in-house technical support staff to create a custom tailored solution that is sure to make your next install a success.

OpenEye Cameras

OpenEye Cameras

OpenEye offers customers a wide selection of camera solutions including analog, IP, PTZ, IR, auto focus, and high definition. OpenEye cameras save installers time and money by making installation easy with features like below ceiling service jacks, 3 axis gimbal positioning, IP installation kits, and our quick install adapter. Try an OpenEye camera today and see how easy your next install can be.

Open Eye Reporting Software

Open Eye Reporting

OpenEye offers a wide range of software solutions to enhance your video surveillance installation. With applications for video analytics, remote/mobile monitoring, POS integration, recurring revenue, managed services, and command/control, we have the tools to make your installation a success. OpenEye software is compatible with all OpenEye recording solutions.

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SaleGuard Analytics Software


SaleGuard is a point-of-sale analytic software from OpenEye created to increase productivity, improve morale, promote efficiency, and raise your bottom line by saving your money which you might not have known you were losing.

The key to SaleGuard’s effectiveness is Exception-Based Reporting, along with a wide assoortment of reports, customizable alert options, and data search capabilities. With a wide range of Key Performance Indicators, SaleGuard provides you with focused, accurate information so you can make the best decisions for you and your business.

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LaneHawk BOB



LaneHawk Bottom-of-Basket


LaneHawk BOB is a loss-prevention solution that turns bottom-of-basket (BOB) losses into profits in real time.

North Country Business Products has a loss prevention solution that will:

  • Reduce shrink with a rapid ROI
  • Provide tighter business controls
  • Integrate with your POS System in Real Time
  • Improve checkout lane productivity