OUR VISION Drive innovation to become the nation’s leading retail technology partner.

OUR MISSION Develop innovative solutions and services targeted at customer’s business needs.  Build customers’ business through progressive solutions encompassing technologies, professional services and responsive support. Expand our success with customer service dedication and expansion across the country. 

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  • Internet- We can provide internet options in your area, and it will be the same price is if you go through us, or direct.  Benefit is, we can provide OPTIONS.
  •  Backup Connection-We can provide a FaaS for as little at $59.95/month, which includes 1GB of data per month.  If we manage the customer’s firewall, we’ll configure it, so only POS/Credit Card transactions go through the backup connection.
  •  Phones-By moving away from old, outdated analog technology, you’ll get an up to date VOIP phone system that runs over your internet, so you can eliminate expensive analog lines.
  •  Switches-For a low monthly price, we can provide secure, managed switches, that can segregate the various networks required within your business for PCI compliance.
  •  Managed Wi-Fi- We’ll provide the hardware, support, and on going firmware updates and upgrades.  We’ll separate your guest network from your business network, and throttle down that guest network, so it’s not bogging down your business network.  Wi-Fi assessment available with floor plan.
  • Firewall as a Service-We’ll configure, update, manage your firewall 24x7 365.  With the ever changing landscape of security, software and hardware updates are included, so you have the latest and greatest firewall security solution.